Chinking Log Homes

Chinking is the art of applying a synthetic mix to the joints between the logs. This synthetic material has long lasting elasticity and pliability and will not crack, peel or pull away from properly prepared logs. It takes a special experience to create a professional look that will enhance your log home.

The chinking on a log home is a finishing touch whether it is done during construction or years later in order to keep the interior warm a and keep the bugs and weather on the outdoors where they belong. Besides conserving energy and protecting the structure from insects and decay damage, chinking the log joints offers the opportunity control the look of you r home in a number of ways. Whether you want to brighten the interior with a light color, outline the logs in a contrasting color, or simply seal the walls with a color that blends in, there are a variety of different colors available.

The benefits of chinking includes; enhances cosmetic appearance, creates insulation, resists water and air infiltration, allows the wood to breathe and increases the value of your home.