Epoxy penetrates and stops the decay process permanently, by consolidating the decayed wood or, in some applications, by strengthening it.

For example, a decayed log notch or timber joint can be strengthened to support the weight on top of it. An exterior rafter tip can be treated so that moisture cannot penetrate cracks or checks.


Often Restoration requires non-toxic borate based wood preservatives. These treatments vary from topical sprays that penetrate deeply into the wood, to drilling holes and installing concentrated Boron Rods. Both treatments arrest fungal growth and destroy wood boring insects. Often, both applications are recommended.


Although we do not endorse or recommend a particular stain, an inspection allows us to advise the options available. There are many stains on the market; however, few are compatible with exterior log applications. Preparing to stain may involve the removal of old and/or failed stain, Media Blasting facilitates this process.

Log Home Preservation